Product Catalog: Ricoh: Interactive Whiteboards
D2200 (RICOH)
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  • Showcase visuals on a 21.5" flat-panel LED display
  • Impress audiences with up 1920 x 1080 dpi resolution
  • Use as an on-the-go interactive whiteboard or videoconference device
  • Add edits to your presentation and share them freely with your audience

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D5510 (RICOH)
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  • Present, review, edit and share in real time
  • Remote participants log in via PIN code authentication
  • Panel Size: 55 inches wide
  • Maximum Resolution of 1920x 1080 dpi

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D5520 (RICOH)
View Details Help your onsite and mobile employees, clients or customers become more engaged with you during meetings and collaborate in real-time with our 55" HD LED RICOH D5520 Interactive Whiteboard.

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D6500 (RICOH)
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  • Review high-definition presentations on a 65-inch display panel
  • Connect your PC or Mac device to create a large interactive touchscreen
  • Make handwritten notes, edits and precise markings via fingertip or pen
  • Pair with other Ricoh devices for video conferencing and big-screen projection

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D6500 for Business (RICOH)
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  • Customize presentations in real time on a 65-inch LCD panel
  • Share critical information with onsite and remote audiences quickly
  • Make precise edits to tailor every presentation for any audience
  • Use PIN codes to invite remote participants and protect information

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D6510 (RICOH)
View Details Empower your onsite and mobile team members, clients or customers to be more engaged with you in meetings and document collaboration with our 65" HD LED RICOH D6510 Interactive Whiteboard.

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D7500 with Business Controller (RICOH)
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  • Work on a 75" 4K multi-touch display
  • Impress with 3840 x 2160 4K resolution
  • Connect laptops and mobile devices
  • Collaborate effectively and enhance data security with the business controller

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D7500 with Windows® Controller (RICOH)
View Details Work on a 75" 4K multi-touch display

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D8400 (RICOH)
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  • Share images and video on an 84-inch flat-panel display
  • Share visuals at up to 4K resolution (3840x2040 dpi)
  • Connect your PC or Mac and create an extra-large interactive touchscree
  • Make edits and add feedback directly to presentations in real time

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D8400 for Business (RICOH)
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  • Present on an 84-inch flat-panel touch display
  • Share visuals at up 4K resolution(3840 x 2040 dpi)
  • Interact with groups in the room or in remote locations
  • Gain feedback and add edits and share them quickly with a wider audience

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